Hidden spy camera with invisible wireless earpieces

Now, you can pass your exams with a small spy camera, and nobody can tell you are in secret communication with your partner. Our HD spy camera and wireless earpieces are undetectable. You can use the HD spy camera in many other ways. With our professional products, we have helped many! You will save worry, time, and money! Look at our products and see for yourself!

HD Spy Camera Main Features

Wireless Earpieces

Invisible wireless earpiece is just 6x6mm in size and cannot be seen, even at close distance.

Full HD Pictures

High-Quality Full-HD resolution Pictures ready to be viewed by your helper.


Built-in 3G/UMTS needs no mobile phone to Send Pictures or Make Calls.


Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion battery up to 5 hours of active use or 15 hours stand by.

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Hidden spy camera with Wireless Invisible Earpiece – Full HD 3G GSM

First professional 3G GSM HD Spy Camera in the World!

The Small Spy Camera is the next step in Spy equipment. Besides covert undetectable voice communication, you can communicate visually, as well! You can take high-quality full HD pictures and send them to your colleagues on their mobile phones or their E-Mail address.
The high-quality pictures taken with the small spy camera lets your colleagues see exactly what you see, with crisp, clear pictures, thanks to the auto-focusing high-definition camera that allows extreme close-ups to be taken.
With Built-in 3G/UMTS Mobile Internet and Mobile Phone, you require no additional mobile phone to function. You can call your friends or let them call you. The latest in 3G/UMTS technology gives the best Call-quality and makes sure pictures are delivered fast.
The Built-in MP3 Player provides you the ability to transfer your recorded transcripts and other audio materials to the device and play them back when you need them. With full Play/Pause support, Rewinding/Fast-Forwarding, and skipping support, navigation through the audio files has never been easier.
With the innovative easy-to-use user interface, sending a picture, making a call, or answering an incoming call, or Playing back MP3’s is as easy as pressing a button. Due to our quest for a near-perfect user-experience, you are guided through each of the functions by a user-friendly voice you hear in your earpiece. Our Voice-Guide will allow you to relax and focus on the task at hand, without worrying about how to operate the device.

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How the small Spy Camera Works

There are just 6 simple steps to start hacking your exams!

  • Connector.

    Power On

    Power-on the Invisible HD Spy Camera Device and connect it to the computer.

  • Connector.

    Easy to Use

    Use the included Easy-to-Use Configuration Wizard to Configure your small spy camera.

  • Connector.

    Transfer Data

    Transfer your recorded audio MP3 files to spy camera device.

  • Connector.

    Hide your Spy Camera

    Hide the Device in your pocket. Place the microphone and navigation buttons under your sleeve or shirt and attach them with the included Velcro straps.

  • Connector.

    HD Spy Camera under your sleeve

    Put the small Spy Camera under your sleeve or any other appropriate area you feel comfortable with then insert the invisible wireless earpieces in your ears.

  • Connector.

    Take pictures

    Now you can take pictures and send them to your friends, call them or listen to your recorded speech, without anybody knowing!

Send Pictures, Playback MP3’s, and talk to your partner! The Invisible HD Spy Camera contains a built-in 3G/UMTS world-wide mobile, and needs no mobile phone to Send Pictures or Make Calls. It can playback any recorded MP3 files, so you can listen to your transcripts and recorded materials. While talking to your friend, use the Signal Button to send secret signals with no one knowing. To start secret communication, all you need is to put the earpiece inside the ear, turn on the Device, and send Pictures, and communicate with your partner in secret! The earpiece allows you to hear everything your partner is saying to you, but is undetectable and invisible to others!

Invisible Secret Communication in One Small Device

Spy Camera Full-HD sensor with Clear pictures & Auto-Focus

This small spy camera can take Pictures with a single press of a button. In seconds, it will capture High-Quality Full-HD resolution Pictures, ready to be viewed by your helper. With the camera’s Auto-Focus ability, it can capture extreme close-ups, and the Images will always be crisp and clear when viewed by your helper.

Play, Pause and Rewind with the Built-in Invisible MP3 Player

Whether you are with a helper or alone, listen to your recorded audio material invisibly, with the Device’s Built-in MP3 Player. Playback any MP3 file with quick and easy navigation – With a gentle touch of a button, you can Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Skip your listening to any detail within to quickly pin-point the part in interest, discretely, with no one even knowing! With the built-in capacity of 8GB, it offers ample space for your audio files.

Innovative Voice-Guide

Never panic about how to use the device, even under stress. The Invisible HD Spy Camera includes a user-friendly guiding voice for easy interaction, which you hear in your earpiece. The Voice-Guided interface will talk you through the device operation, so you can relax and focus on the task at hand.
Never will you wonder what button to press or what combination to use, because it is easy, with the Voice Guide guiding you all the way. Taking a Picture, Calling, or Receiving a Call, or Playing back audio, all of the feature-packed functionality is within a press of a button!


How to wear?

  • Connector.

    Invisible wireless earpiece

    The invisible wireless earpiece is just 6x6mm in size and cannot be seen, even at close distance. It has no wires, no batteries, and is fully hidden inside the ear. They are undetectable and invisible to others! Removing the earpiece is easy, with the included removal tool.

  • Connector.

    Full-HD spy camera

    Conceal the Full-HD spy camera and microphone under your sleeve. It is small and includes Velcro straps for easy attachment.

  • Connector.

    HD Spy Camera Module

    Small HD Spy Camera Module is compact, and you can hide it anywhere – in your pocket, around your waist. This robust device contains the latest in spy technology and is made from quality materials.

  • Connector.

    Signal & Navigation buttons

    Signal & Navigation buttons allow easy navigation and usage of the Device, completely invisible and undetectable by others, with the innovative Voice-Guide, making it a breeze, while taking Pictures, Playing MP3s, and making Calls.

Earpieces are 100% invisible in your ears!

Take the invisible wireless earpiece and orient it as shown in the picture; insertion and removal is very simple and quick. Insert it in a blink of an eye and removal is just as fast, with the included Removal Tool.

Insert the invisible earpiece gently into the ear. Because the Earpiece is black, it is invisible once in your ear, as it reflects no light from its surroundings. It needs to be inserted a few millimeters deep, so it hides in the ear canal.

This is how your ear looks, once the invisible earpiece is fully inserted. As you can see, it is invisible in the ear, with no cables, batteries, and it is safe to use, as it is especially made of a single piece of durable magnetic material.

Removing invisible earpieces in a second!

Take the included Magnetic Removal Tool and slowly bring it close to the ear.

The Magnetic Earpiece will snap-on to the Removal Tool.

Finished! That is how you can quickly and safely remove the Earpiece from the ear.

How invisible Earpieces work?

Spy invisible earpieces are invisible magnetic receivers that fit in your ear and are unnoticeable. The Magnetic Spy Earpiece requires No Battery! – they are passive receivers that reproduce audio and get power through the inductive neck loop. They are a strong passive magnet, receiving audio signal through magnetic vibration from the neck loop that acts as a transmitter and requires no battery. The micro earpiece, once it is in your ear, cannot be heard by anyone else, but you. The Micro Earpieces are also waterproof, easily cleaned under running water!

Spy Cam Configuration Wizard Software

Configuring the Device is just another word for letting it know whom to Call and whom to deliver pictures to. It is easy with our special software. The Configuration Wizard will guide you through a 3-step process to help you set up the Device. No messy command-line or text files, just a nice, Graphical Interface. The Software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and comes delivered with the Device.

Connect the Invisible HD Spy Camera Device to your computer via USB cable. The Configuration Software is available on the Device and will Run automatically, and you can effortlessly configure the Device through our Easy-to-Use Configuration Wizard.

Recording and spy camera software

Here, you can download a free program to record your voice literature. By using this program, you can easily record, edit, and save your audio files to mp3 format, then transfer mp3 audio files to the mini MP3 player, and you can listen your voice literature, invisible to others!
Our Smart advice before recording!

Always use an external microphone, speak slowly and clearly, with such a speed you can write all words on your exam. At the beginning of the recording, you always have to read the title of your literature, so you can easily search preferred literature on the mini MP3 player. Record a series of short clips after search.

Click Here and Download Audacity recording program:
PC Download or MAC Download

What is in package?

  • 1x Invisible small Full-HD Spy Camera
  • 1x High-Fidelity Microphone
  • 1x Pair of Invisible Earpieces
  • 1x Pair of Premium Invisible Earpieces
  • 1x Neck-loop
  • 2x Navigation buttons
  • 3x Velcro Straps for easy attachment
  • 1x Micro-USB Cable for Charging & Data Transfer
  • 1x Micro-SIM to SIM adapter
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Instructional & Software

Camera specifications

Mobile Communication

Built-in 3G/UMTS (Supports 2G/EDGE)

All Bands World-Wide

SIM Card Support Supports SIM & micro-SIM (adapter included)
Storage Built-in 8GB
USB Connectivity

USB Data & Charging

Standard micro USB connector

USB 1.1/2.0 compatible

Battery Built-in Rechargable Li-Ion battery
Battery life up to 5 hours of active use
Battery life on stand by up-to 15 hours
Unit dimensions, WxHxD module: 60x60x15mm
Earpiece dimensions size 6x6mm
Frequency Range

Earphone 200Hz ~ 8000Hz


Module: Black

Earpiece: Black (For complete invisibility in ears)

Package Size / Weight Carton box: 310x215x40mm 190 grams
Warranty 1 Year

Invisible. Hidden. Secret.

First professional 3G GSM Spy HD Camera in the World!Spycamera Team